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Services Provided By Our Experts

NERC Compliance

Our experts have deep experience as both regulators and the regulated. We assist all types of registered entities with both the Operations and Planning standards, as well as the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. Our NERC compliance services include: CIP (road maps, gap analyses, and as-is / to-be processes), Operations and Planning program design and implementation, audit preparation, ongoing compliance management and reporting, and regulatory services. Regardless of your starting point or level of maturity, we can assist in all areas.

Risk Management

We help our clients manage regulatory compliance risk, as well as enterprise-wide risk. Our Risk Management practice includes a broad spectrum of services: risk assessments, root cause analysis, business continuity, incident management, emergency management, change management, disaster recovery, and internal controls development and implementation. The GridSME team can perform these tasks for you or train your staff, in order to develop these competencies within your organization.

Electricity Market Services

Our experts have extensive experience in, and in-depth knowledge of, the electricity markets. We were among the pioneers of the electricity markets, from the early days of zonal markets to today’s nodal markets, and more recently the western energy imbalance market. We are experienced in the key facets of the electricity market, including policy development, market design, performance analysis, full-network modeling, metering, bidding, and settlement. Leveraging our expertise in the electricity markets, we have helped clients understand how the markets operate, what products and services they are eligible and best suited to offer, market risks, and how to mitigate risk. We offer our experience and expertise to meet your market-related needs.


Cyber Security

Our experts have broad technical expertise in cyber security with a specific focus in the energy sector. They have extensive experience with the design and implementation of NERC CIP-compliant EMS/SCADA systems and control centers. From network architecture design to vulnerability assessments, our SMEs can help your organization build a more secure environment and minimize risk.  GridSME provides a variety of physical security solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our SMEs have decades of experience protecting critical infrastructure across many industries. We deliver customized solutions that are cost-effective and manageable for our clients, including technical assessments, physical vulnerabilities, detection, monitoring, and access control technologies.

Technology Services

GridSME’s Technology Services team is comprised of experienced power industry veterans that have a Compliance, Energy Delivery, and Power Industry perspective to provide pragmatic IT solutions.  We can provide policies, procedures, and best practices for architecture, data, tools, and applications that are unique to energy industry needs.  Building IT infrastructure with compliance in mind, ensuring security controls meet CIP requirements, analyzing energy data for Operational usage, configuring GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) applications for usability, and recommendation for running a lean technology shop.  On the tactical side, we have IT Energy resources that can analyze, develop, test, implement, and support from bid to bill.


GridSME provides a variety of services to developers, owners, and operators of renewable power generators. Our team has experience working with all renewable technologies to minimize development risk, improve grid integration, achieve commercial operation, and reach operating and financial goals. Our full suite of services is offered to newcomers and established renewable energy providers, where the depth of our experience supports the future of our industry.

Interconnection Services

Our SMEs have a deep background in grid interconnections, with a particular focus on connecting new resources to the grid. The GridSME team includes former ISO staff whose first-hand experience with resource interconnection is unparalleled, helping our clients with a smooth transition from build to bid in the ISO markets. GridSME has experience with interconnecting both new facilities and converting Qualifying Facilities. We help our clients from the early development stages to initial grid sync to commercial operation and market bidding. We specialized in all aspects of the interconnection lifecycle from power purchase and interconnection agreements, applications, modeling development, document submittals, ISO interaction, and the CAISO New Resource Implementation processes.

Power Engineering

Our Power Engineering practice is headed by a registered professional electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in transmission planning, operations engineering, and power/control systems design. Services offered include: studies in transmission ratings; transmission interconnection system impacts; generation interconnection impacts; under-voltage load shedding assessment; voltage stability assessments; resource adequacy assessment; CIP criteria evaluations; operating studies; loss factor and economic power-flow studies. We have expertise in General Electric’s PSLF power system modeling software and are adept in performing power flow, post-transient governor-power flow, voltage stability (QV/PV), and transient stability studies with PSLF. We can provide client support in various projects, stakeholder meetings, and planning discussions.

Grid Technologies

GridSME provides vendor-agnostic strategy, procurement, and implementation services to the electric utility industry. We work with utilities, ISOs, and RTOs to design, procure, and deploy Energy Management Systems (EMS), Distribution Management Systems, Outage Management Systems, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS – DMS/OMS combined), Generation Management Systems (GMS), and Distribution Automation Solutions (DAS). We have experience and expertise as project managers, technical leads, architects, database conversion/validation experts, and acceptance testing roles.


Many of our experts have spent a majority of their careers working in GOP, TOP, BA, and ISO control centers—from small municipalities to large vertically integrated utilities. We are familiar with the tools and technology necessary to perform operations in today’s ever-changing environment. GridSME leverages this knowledge and decades of power system operations expertise to help our clients with planning, constructing, and maintaining control rooms. Our SMEs can help guide your organization through the development of a capable and prepared workforce, including staffing and operating procedure implementation.


The GridSME training team consists of certified training developers and instructors with previous careers at various utilities and NERC, and was instrumental in the rollout of the market training program for the California ISO. We can develop comprehensive and customized training programs to provide an understanding of the CAISO markets and how your organization fits within the market environment. We also offer training in the areas of NERC Compliance, as well as Operations and Risk Management performance. We can develop comprehensive and customized training programs targeted for your organization and staff. Your customized training can be delivered via Computer Based Training (CBT), as well as instructor-led training at your site or ours.


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