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The Reliable Wire, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2014

As I look outside today, rain is falling which is a very welcomed sight in our part of the world. Any additions to our reservoirs and snowpack will help California’s farmers, hydro operators, skiers, and those who like to shower from time to time.

Like the weather, in the NERC compliance world, March comes in like a lion as the annual self-certifications are now due. While no new Reliability Standards were approved or proposed to be approved in February, there were still plenty of developments. Grid security made national headlines following the release of details about the attack on PG&E’s Metcalf substation, NERC held its quarterly board meeting, the NERC Annual Report was issued, and the CIP V5 revisions drafting team was busy with its work addressing the directives from Order 791.

[+] The Reliable Wire, Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2014

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