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The Reliable Wire, Volume 1, Issue 7 – November 2013

Well, we survived the shutdown and things are back to normal, whatever that is. All is still quiet on the CIP Version 5 front, but it is merely the quiet before the storm. This month we charge headlong towards the holiday season with both Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah falling on Thursday November 28th – an event that has not occurred for 125 years and will not recur for 79,043 years (according to Wikipedia) – so live it up! Planned outages should be winding down as our northern and mountain dwelling friends prepare for the winter peak.

Let me take this time to also offer a quick reminder that October 1 was the effective date of three new standards: (1) EOP- 003-2, (2) MOD-028-2, and (3) PRC-006- 1 and on November 25th three of the generator transmission interface standards, (1) FAC-001-1, (2) PRC-004-2.1a, and (3) PRC-005-1.1b, become effective (remember the letters in the standard number mean that there is an interpretation attached to the standard). Make sure your policies and procedures reflect the changes made to those standards, and if any changes were made, make sure those changes have been communicated to all appropriate staff. Check to make sure that you are on track for all annual reviews that need to be completed before year’s end.

[+] The Reliable Wire, Volume 1, Issue 7 – November 2013

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