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The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 8, Oct-Nov 2015

On September 10, NERC released the 2016 ERO CMEP Implementation Plan. This year’s operating plan focuses on the riskbased CMEP and the associated risk elements for 2016. NERC has reevaluated the areas of focus for both ERO-wide and regionspecific risks that warrant increased compliance monitoring. The following risk elements have been identified for enhanced monitoring in 2016:

(1) Critical Infrastructure Protection
(2) Extreme Physical Events
(3) Maintenance and Management of BPS Assets
(4) Monitoring and Situational Awareness
(5) Protection System Failures
(6) Event Response / Recovery
(7) Planning and System Analysis
(8) Human Performance

Regional Entities are expected to develop entity-specific oversight plans that incorporate a focused list of Reliability Standards and Requirements based on an Registered Entity’s risk profile. NERC prudently points out that “a particular area of focus under a risk element does not imply that the identified NERC standard(s) fully addresses the particular risk associated with the risk element.”

[+] The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 8, Oct-Nov 2015

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