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The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 6, July-Aug 2015

Just as the regulatory world is in constant flux, so is the Reliable Wire. While we introduced the changes to the distribution schedule last issue, we continue to make updates and improvements. In this issue you will notice a slight change in the organization of the information presented, as well as an additional “Guest Article” section which is completely new to this issue.

This month’s Guest Article is written by Earl Shockley in his area of expertise: Risk Management and Internal Risk Control Systems. Earl brings an interesting perspective to the topic as he just finished a long career as a NERC regulator.

Friendly reminder: CIP Version 5 Reliability Standards for Medium and High Impact Facilities become enforceable in just 261 days. If your organization has not begun preparing, do not delay further!

[+] The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 6, July-Aug 2015

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