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The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 2, February 2015

It’s been a slow news month in our weird little world of compliance. There is really only one significant change to the Reliability Standards program with the approval of PRC-005-3. That gives us time to drill down a little more on CIP. As you may be aware NERC is (finally!) attempting to clarify the massive gray areas inherent in the CIP Version 5 standards. With the recent publication of the Implementation Study Final Report and a growing list of FAQs and Lessons Learned, and the clock moving ever closer to midnight, now is the time to stop talking about, and start implementing CIP V5.


FERC Grants NERC an Extension for NERC to file its Revisions to CIP Version 5

In a letter order issued January 13, 2015, FERC approved NERC’s Request for Extension of Time to File Revisions to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards filed the same day.

This extension will allow NERC to file the most recent changes (which were approved by an additional ballot that closed January 9th) at the same time as the previously approved Version 6 changes. These changes attempt to fulfill the outstanding directives from Order 791.

[+] The Reliable Wire, Vol 3, Issue 2, February 2015

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