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GridSME is proud to announce Merced Irrigation District as our newest client


GridSME is proud to announce the addition of the Merced Irrigation District to our list of clients. GridSME will assist Merced’s NERC Compliance Program and provide guidance on CAISO market opportunities.

Merced Irrigation District owns, operates and maintains the New Exchequer and McSwain dams, reservoirs, and hydroelectric facilities. These are Merced Irrigation District’s primary water storage facilities on the Merced River. They are located in the foothills on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, approximately 23 miles northeast of Merced. The two dams and reservoirs are integral parts of the 1964 Merced River Development Project, and are licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). New Exchequer Reservoir (Lake McClure) has a storage capacity of 1,024,600 acre feet, while McSwain Reservoir (Lake McSwain) has a storage capacity of 9,730 acre feet. The New Exchequer Dam Project was completed in 1967 as a multi-purpose facility providing facilities and water for all beneficial uses, including domestic and irrigation water, flood control, hydroelectric power generation, recreation, and the environment.

Merced Irrigation District is authorized to act as an electric utility under the California Water Code. Merced Irrigation District has owned and operated hydroelectric generating facilities on the Merced River since 1927. In 1995, Merced Irrigation District exercised its authority to sell power to retail electric customers. Merced Irrigation District offers its customers full requirements electric service including power supply and delivery to the customer. Since 1996, Merced Irrigation District has connected over 7,500 customers to Merced Irrigation District’s electric system, hooking up an average of 60 meters per month.

Merced is currently registered as a Generator Owner, Generator Operator, Load Serving Entity, Transmission Owner, Resource Planner, and Transmission Planner in the WECC region. To read more about the Merced Irrigation District continue here.

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