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Eric Whitley Speaks at Solar O&M: North America


This morning, Eric Whitley is speaking at the Solar O&M: North America conference in San Francisco. His two sessions are “Curtailment for PV Plants” and a panel on “Grid Integration Issues,” specifically addressing the following:

  • Criteria and situations where curtailment is obliged
  • How do utilities create a market environment that is more conducive to economic renewables curtailment
  • When day-time economic curtailment of solar resources becomes an issue
  • Future outlook: how will curtailment (regulation) change and what will be the impact of this
  • Power, voltage, and frequency regulation
  • Outage scheduling and downtime minimization
  • NERC compliance rules that apply
  • What can be learned from pilot projects on PV integration and large-scale storage

You can get more information at the event website:

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