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GridSME Works to Enhance the Energy Storage Movement

GridSME is excited to work with many of the industry’s leading developers in the emerging energy storage space. Our team collaborates with clients on detailed analyses of standalone storage installations and combined “generation + storage” projects.

From a feasibility analysis perspective, GridSME evaluates the technical characteristics of an existing generation facility or proposed new facility to determine the optimal configuration and operation of integrating an energy storage resource. Additionally, GridSME evaluates the economic considerations and constraints associated with the facility, such as the PPA terms, interconnection requirements, and go-to-market considerations. We emphasize the need for developers to be cognizant of the technical and economic aspects of integrating energy storage with existing or new generation facilities (e.g., Solar/Wind + Storage).

GridSME Storage Model

GridSME’s energy storage operations model explores a variety of operating profiles using actual and simulated market and production data. The GridSME model provides our clients with a detailed look at the possible revenue streams and production cycle data for each contemplated operating profile. Leveraging GridSME’s team of industry veterans, our clients better understand the numerous revenue-generating opportunities, ISO market bidding strategies, and risk mitigation benefits energy storage resources may provide.

Whether your organization is just beginning to contemplate energy storage resources or already have operational storage projects, GridSME is interested to hear what challenges your team is facing.

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